• Amenity

Hedge cutting, verge cutting and grass mowing services are all available. Our current customers include parish councils, a sports club, Polo Club, several house developers and the Cambridge colleges. Pesticide applications from knap sack, to ATV, to large outfield areas can be carried out, or fertilizer and micronutrient applications – whatever suits your needs. Our agricultural scale equipment can provide a very competitive service where relevant.

Projects such as grassland establishment for environmental stewardship and recreational areas can be carried out and, working in partnership with specialist hedge and tree planting contractors, a whole project can be managed. Ongoing maintenance services will ensure the initial establishment is maintained to the highest standards for maximum benefit to site users and the environment.

Residential services include one-off garden clearance and more often removal of trees and shrubs which have become too large for the property owner to cope with or have been storm damaged. Our team are all qualified chainsaw users and have the equipment to carry out a safe and efficient service.

Any tree or hedge materials can be chipped and removed from site.

Please contact us to request a quote for amenity work.