• Stewardship


The Estate entered Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) in 2009 which incorporates the Entry Level Stewardship agreement (ELS) and also takes in existing countryside stewardship. The main features of the new agreement are wetland habitat creation, enhanced access to the estate, woodland and hedge management, pond creation and arable reversion over archaeological sites.

Biomass Fuels

Growth of coppice for energy was experimented with by the Forestry Commission; this has now been developed as a method of heating on the Estate with 11 hectares of short rotation willow coppice currently grown for use in our biomass boiler.  We are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List and are able to sell any excess supply of willow wood chip.

Solar Park and Wind Energy

Thorney Farm now has a 13 turbine wind farm at Wryde Croft which became operational in 2016 and a 28 acre solar farm was constructed in 2012 at Cantelupe Farm.