Over the Farmer’s Hedge – Harvest 2013 at Trumpington Farm Company

In an average year we would have expected to harvest oilseed rape crop (approx. 1/4 of the crop) around a month ahead of the wheat giving us a bit of a head start on the main harvest and a fairly distributed harvest and cultivation period. This was not an average year and, given the late season effect on the oilseed crop’s ripening, it bumped into the wheat with all crops coming ready at the same time. For the men (and now woman!) working the tractors this meant extended work hours around the clock, with the combines closely followed by the cultivating machinery for next year’s crop to avoid being late again. We were blessed with luck and fair weather ensuring this year’s harvest was completed by early-September, slightly ahead of schedule. Ground preparation is moving on apace and the majority of crop establishment will be finished by mid-October with near perfect seedbed conditions.

Given the late, cold and wet start to the crop last year we had low expectations for the crop yields but the crops recovered well in the dry and sunny summer. We were surprised and pleased to see that yields were near normal, if a little below the 5 year average.


This year looks to have been a good wild bird breeding season on the wetlands of Trumpington Fen and we now have large numbers of young birds across the whole Estate.

Our latest neighbours farm walk on 5th July was again well attended and the visitors, mainly from Haslingfield, enjoyed being taken on the route around Cantelupe Farm and Trumpington Fen to see all the latest developments and spot the herons nesting in the natural areas towards Newnham. Our next walk will take place in the spring of 2014 which we will publicise nearer the time. If you are interested please contact info@trumpingtonestate.com

We welcome your questions and views at www.trumpingtonestate.com or 01223 841101.

The Pemberton Family and all the team at Trumpington Farm Company

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