Over the Farmer’s Hedge (Trumpet) – Spring at Trumpington Farm Company

Over the farmers hedge – Spring at Trumpington Farm Company

Now that the long awaited spring weather has finally arrived, we are watching the crops romp away. The main visible crops in Trumpington will be the wheat towards the M11 while on Trumpington Fen we have spring beans emerging and some oil seed rape bursting into flower.

Towards Grantchester our first willow coppice harvest has taken place. Known as short rotation coppice, it is part of over 11 hectares we grow for biomass fuel production. Half the crop will be cut every second year, usually after defoliation, but very late this year due to waterlogging. The crop will produce around 120 tonnes of woodchip per year for drying, a process which takes around 8 months. It is then ready for use in local biomass boilers which, in time, the Estate intends to install at Trumpington Hall.

Around 25 Trumpington residents attended our popular neighbour’s farm walk on April 19th. We were blessed with a bright spring evening for the tour of the farms and Trumpington Fen on the trailer. Our next neighbour’s farm walk will be Friday 5th July at 6pm. It will take the same route to Cantelupe Farm and Trumpington Fen showing developments, wildlife and discussing crops. Please register your interest at info@trumpingtonestate.com or call 01223 841101.

We welcome your views and questions at www.trumpingtonestate.com or 01223 841101.


The Pemberton Family and all the team at Trumpington Farm Company

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