• The Farming Year

SPRING Establishment of Spring crops of sugar beet and peas, the sugar beet destined for Bury St Edmunds and the peas to Fulbourn for packing. Crops planted in the autumn such as wheat and oilseed receive fertiliser and are protected from pests and disease by carefully chosen products.

SUMMER Harvest! We start with oilseed rape in mid July, followed by the wheat and peas, with beans late August or early September. At the same time each field is prepared for the next crop by cultivating to incorporate straw and create a seed bed.

AUTUMN Towards the end of August we start establishing the crops for the following year: oilseed rape then wheat and finally winter beans. This is the time we apply most products to reduce weed competition for a vigorous crop over winter.

WINTER A quiet time but always plenty to do: dominated by maintenance of buildings, machinery, woodland and hedges.