Trumpington Parish Magazine – an introduction

Trumpington Farm Company has been based at Church Farm, Maris Lane since shortly after WW2. Although our heavy machinery base is now at Cantelupe Farm, Haslingfield, all the administration and management continues at Maris Lane. Part of the Trumpington Estate, with Trumpington Hall at its heart, we farm or manage over 1600 hectares of land around Cambridge, extending to Lolworth, Madingley, Coton, Grantchester, Shelford, Haslingfield and Hauxton and farm Cambridge College land and the Cambridge University Farms under contract. We are also custodians of the historic Grantchester Meadows on behalf of Kings College and farm Coton Countryside Reserve for Cambridge Past, Present and Future. Over the Farmers Hedge aims to keep our neighbours informed of our general activities and hopefully answer any questions you raise with us.


TFC primarily grows wheat, oilseed rape, sugar beet, peas and beans on the very varied soil types in the area. In common with farms across the UK our 2012 wheat harvest yield was 15-20% lower than average and generally of poor quality. Lack of sunshine during June/July combined with high rainfall made for very unfavourable growing conditions and high disease prevalence. Many parts of the world fared badly this growing season and by comparison with the USA we were relatively fortunate. Much of our top grade wheat is sold to Warburtons for breadmaking with the remainder sold as feed for animals. By contrast to the poor grain yields, this year’s sugar beet crop has been delivered into the British Sugar factory at Bury St Edmunds and has shown excellent yields. We finally drilled the last of the 2013 wheat crop in mid-December (6 weeks late) because of the wet conditions. Next years oilseed rape crop was planted in ideal conditions and looks exceptionally well. In large swathes of the country the rape crop has already succumbed to either water logging, pigeons or slugs and has failed.

Habitat Creation

Trumpington Fen wetland creation is progressing extremely well, helped by all the recent rain, and has already attracted many wetland species including Green Plover, Little Egret and many ducks. A new traditional orchard with a central glade has been planted at Coton Reserve  with walnut, hazel and species of apple, pear and plum. In addition, new stewardship margins are establishing well.

We are farming the arable land at Trumpington Meadows and are establishing the Country park for The Wildlife Trust. Sadly, Ash die back was discovered in some of the trees planted in 2011. They have been identified and destroyed.


Our recent ‘Neighbours Farm Walk’ took place on Saturday 13th October with 19 neighbours and children joining us for a tractor and trailer ride around Cantelupe Farm and Trumpington Fen. The group viewed the new grain stores, machinery sheds, reservoirs, woodland planting sites, cricket bat willow, coppice, wetland habitats, the heronry and much more. Feedback was particularly positive about the conservation work and tree planting that has taken place on the Estate. We will be running more Neighbours Farm Walks in the spring and will invite our Trumpington neighbours nearer the time. In the meantime, we would like to answer any questions or comments you have so please contact us at or look at the website .


Happy New Year from The Pemberton Family and all the team at Trumpington Farm Company.

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