• Harvest

TRUMPINGTON FARM COMPANY manages in the region of 3,000 hectares of farmland for a number of landowners on the south and west sides of Cambridge from Great Shelford to the south and Lolworth to the north west.

Crops and Rotation

About two-thirds of crops are wheat and one-third is oilseed rape with other break crops like sugar beet and peas. A typical crop rotation would be two years of wheat followed by one of break crop of oilseed rape. Sugar beet and peas prefer light soil so our predominantly heavy clay restricts crop choices.

We grow two sorts of wheat: ‘milling wheat’ is turned into flour for human consumption, and ‘feed wheat’ goes to animal food. Some of our high quality milling wheat is grown under a direct contract with the bakers Warburtons. The rest is sold via grain merchants and may be used in the UK or sold overseas.

Grain Storage

Once harvest is over grain is stored in grain stores at Cantelupe Farm or on the Cambridge University Farm site. Hot air is blown through the ventilated floors of the grain stores, while augers help to further aerate the crop and dry it more efficiently.


We operate sophisticated, state-of-the-art machinery to enable efficient, timely operations to be carried out.  In 2018 we took delivery of a new Case STX 620 Quadtrac and a new Case Puma 240 CVX tractor. Two sprayers are used to carry out crop protection applications and we also have two Claas Lexion combines which work in tandem during harvest which have sophisticated GPS and computers to monitor the harvest, assess moisture levels and calculate yield. We also have one other large Case STX rubber-tracked, minimal-tillage tractor for cultivation and crop establishment along with all the ancillary equipment.


We run Farm Walks and other activities on the farm from time to time in the spring/early summer. Please feel free to contact the farm at info@trumpingtonestate.com or call 01223 842797 for further information.